Kensuke Yokoi

Lecturer, Ph.D
School of Engineering,
Cardiff University,
Queen's Buildings, The Parade,
Cardiff, CF24 3AA, UK

Short Bio and Research Interests

I joined the School of Engineering at Cardiff University in 2010 after postdoctoral studies mainly at RIKEN, UCLA and University of Cambridge. I received my Ph.D in Mathematics at Hokkaido University. I am studying computational fluid dynamics (CFD) mainly
  • Numerical methods in multiphase flows: Level set methods, Volume of fluid (VOF) methods, coupled level set and volume-of-fluid (CLSVOF) methods, THINC schemes, continuum surface force (CSF) models, discrete element method (DEM), Dynamic contact angle models
  • Numerical algorithms: Hyperbolic equation solvers (ENO, WENO), Multi-moment methods (CIP-CSL method, CIP method, VSIAM3), Multigrid method
  • Free surface flow phenomena: Droplet splashing, Droplet impact, Dynamic contact angle, Inkjet, Blood flows, Hydraulic jumps
  • Machine learning.
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    A fully funded PhD studentship is available for UK/EU students (Deadline: April 19, 2019)

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    Research & Gallery

    A recent numerical result which won a UK-Fluid network video competion.

    Some of other numerical results (videos) can be found in Research & Gallery.

    List of publications

    Journal Papers

    1. Kensuke Yokoi, Mikito Furuichi, Mikio Sakai,
      An efficient multi-dimensional implementation of VSIAM3 and its applications to free surface flows,
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    2. Xi Deng, Ziyao Sun, Bin Xia, Kensuke Yokoi, Chungang Chen, Feng Xiao,
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    3. Qijie Li, Syazana Omar, Xi Deng, Kensuke Yokoi,
      Constrained interpolation profile conservative semi-Lagrangian scheme based on third-order polynomial functions and essentially non-oscillatory (CIP-CSL3ENO) scheme,
      Communications in Computational Physics, 22, 765-788 (2017)
    4. Mohammed Al-Mosallam, Kensuke Yokoi,
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    5. Naoyuki Onodera, Takayuki Aoki, Kensuke Yokoi,
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